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Bottlepay app launches on iOS App Store and Google Play


February 10, 2021

It's time to celebrate: Bottlepay has officially launched in the App Store and Google Play.

At Bottlepay, we believe it's about time you made the rules about your own money. So, after an intense period of development and testing, we've created an app that topples the financial status quo.

Bottlepay, The Bottleverse, and You

We've been on a mission to make global micropayments a reality for quite some time. What are global micropayments, you ask? Simply put, they are transactions that involve a very small sum of money in exchange for something to be made available online (e.g., an app, a service, or even web-based content).

Think of all those paywalls you come across when surfing the web. Paying for access to the content without having to subscribe would be a micropayment - and that's the world we're trying to create. We're calling it the Bottleverse.

But, before we're all living in the Bottleverse, we needed to build an app that works for the consumer — for you.

And, since we believe in equal access to this new payment ecosystem, we wanted to make it super simple for everyone to use. So, we merged Bitcoin with the traditional currencies we're all already used to, making it easier for Bottlepay to integrate into your life.

Let’s strip back the jargon and explain why Bottlepay might just be your new favourite app:

Money meets Social Media

By now, we're all used to sending money digitally, but making a simple payment can often mean using multiple apps to complete the process. What if there was one app where you could quickly send funds through a simple text or tweet?

Insert Bottlepay. Simply connect the app to some of your favourite social platforms, and start sending funds to anyone, anywhere, anytime. This is especially cool for the creative industries – just think of all the people you’d want to support with zero transaction fees: artists, content creators, open-source contributors, and non-profit organisations.

To Bitcoin or Not to Bitcoin

With Bottlepay, you're always only three taps away from buying Bitcoin. New to the world of crypto? We've made it easy for you to ease into the digital currency world, allowing you to buy as whatever amount of Bitcoin you're comfortable with.

We've even got a cool little feature for you to use from day one: recurring purchases. You can schedule Bitcoin purchases in whatever way you feel comfortable. Just input the amount you want to purchase and how often, and we'll make the trades for you.

Flexible Payments

Payments are now tailored to you. Just customise the way you want to receive funds, and we'll take care of the rest; for example, if your contact sends you bitcoin, you can choose to receive it as GBP. And of course, that also works the other way around.

In cases where someone is already bitcoin-savvy, they can customise the app so that all of the payments they receive are swapped for bitcoins automatically.

As we add additional currencies to the app, Bottlepayers will have even greater control over their funds, where everyone can receive only the currency they want. The best part? Transactions happen instantly and in real-time - no more waiting around.

Redefining the Online Marketplace

It’s still early days for micropayments, but that world is rapidly evolving. Our aim is for Bottlepay to make a noticeable impact on how online content is handled – especially when it comes to transactions.

With Bottlepay, we're evening the playing field by allowing users to receive immediate, invoiced payments in the currency of their choice. With no minimum transaction fees or sizes, creators can take control of how and when they get paid.

Bottlepay is currently available in the UK and Ireland, and we'll be expanding our geographic reach in 2021 to support our global community.

This is just the beginning, and we can't wait to share what else we have in store for 2021. 🍾

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