Big news Bottlepay is now part of the NYDIG family

Payments built for the digital age.

Better ways to get paid

Easy to use

Delight your customers and improve conversions

No more middlemen

Remove delays and reduce transaction costs

Bitcoin built-in

Access new customers and grow your business

Business meets Bitcoin

  • Tap into a global network of businesses and consumers
  • Get instant Lightning payments with lower costs
  • Seamlessly trade between bitcoin and sterling

Engage customers in new ways.

  • Get paid on your terms - fast, invoiced payments, or on-the-fly micropayments
  • An open monetary network = a borderless world. Do business on a global scale
  • Build your community - instant donations from anyone, anywhere

Receive payments in your chosen currency

Add bitcoin into the mix - accept bitcoin, get paid in sterling

Receive bitcoin from any Lightning-enabled app in the world

Connect your business bank account for no-fuss payouts

We're on a mission to revolutionise global payments

If you'd like to partner with Bottlepay, leveraging Bitcoin and the Lightning Network to change how you do business, we'd love to hear from you.

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