We break down payment barriers

It's time for payment models to evolve with the times - so let's rewrite the rules. Wave goodbye to middlemen and fixed fees, and start leveraging the power of global micropayments.


Go Global

Borderless payments, no minimum charges, and zero fixed transaction fees? Yes, please.


Start monetising your digital content with micropayments. Subscriptions? Just say no.

Eliminate Fraud

Speed and simplicity are cool, but security is cooler. With Bitcoin, transactions are always final.

Payroll Amplified

Integrate your payroll with Bottlepay, giving your team the financial freedom to choose £ or BTC.

Global Micropayments.

  • Get paid globally, on your terms - fast, invoiced payments, or on-the-fly micropayments.
  • Zero fixed fees = a borderless world. Do business on a global scale.
  • Let consumers choose what they pay for. The result? Brand loyalty and repeat business.
  • Tap into a global customer base of Bitcoiners, and accept payments in a compliant way.

Bitcoin meets PAYE.

  • Bottlepay brings Bitcoin to payroll – adjust or cancel any time.
  • Employees can receive fixed amounts or percentages of their salary as Bitcoin.
  • No limits to the amount you can save or store, all done directly from the app.
  • Set up, monitor, and control the process in minutes.


Integrate Bottlepay's APIs with your app, game, online content platform, or marketplace.





Programmable money.

  • Use Bottlepay's payment tools to change how you charge for content.
  • Create dynamic paywalls to monetise content - eliminate fraud & bulky subscription models.
  • No more middlemen - we handle the payments, hosting, and regulation.
  • Offer Bitcoin as a payout mechanism to your customers - perfect for perks or incentives.

Currency agnostic.

  • Charge your customers in their chosen currency and receive payment in yours.
  • Seamlessly add crypto into the mix - accept Bitcoin, get paid in fiat.
  • Built-in support for pounds sterling and Bitcoin, with more coming soon.
  • Link up your business bank account for no-fuss transactions.
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Crypto user stats

Bitcoin price has risen over 400% in the last 12 months.

Nearly 65 million blockchain wallet users worldwide.

Interest in bitcoin is up 750% year-over-year.

Over 1 million daily bitcoin transactions have been recorded

Bottlepay is for everyone in-store & online

Integrate Bottlepay's APIs with your app, game, online content platform, or marketplace.



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