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Why did you become interested in bitcoin? For us, the main reason why we dedicating part of our life to this is that we believe that Bitcoin can improve the lives of many people in a variety of direct and indirect ways. But Bitcoin on its own doesn't scale. It can't be used to settle casual transactions on a global scale. That is why the Lightning Network is such an important development. It solves the scaling problem and through that it gives many more people access to Bitcoin.

There is no shortage in Lightning node implementations. At this time, there are four mature and open-source options to choose from. Diversity is good, but it also means that development capacity is spread out thinly and used to implement similar logic multiple times.

The world has its eyes on Lightning, but the number of developers working on each implementation is just a handful. At the same time, the list of use cases and user types grows on and on. This means that there are hard choices to be made for those teams.

Companies building on Lightning can either wait for the features that they desire to become available - if ever - or take the driver's wheel and do whatever is needed to get what they want. We consider ourselves a company in the latter category.

What we did

In the past, we've invested in several projects that we ourselves as well as the community benefited from:

What we can do

It is our conviction that we should proceed down this path. Contributing to the evolution of the Lightning protocol, up-streaming implementation changes, releasing open-source products related to Lightning and playing a role in the development community in general.

Because we are a running our own Lightning services, there is no shortage of inspiration for problems that need solving. Those can be practical issues that we run into and need to see addressed on the short term, as well as concerns with a wider reach that we believe are essential for the viability of the network over time.

We're all in this together and need each other to make Lightning a success. This is not the time to keep knowledge to ourselves and outsmart the competition. There are plenty of aspects to compete on, but as far as the Lightning protocol and its implementations are concerned, network effect is the number one goal to optimize for.

Do you share our goals and beliefs and would you like to help make the world a better place by working on Lightning?

Do you appreciate doing work that solves actual problems that we encounter within our business, rather than theoretical solutions for imaginary problems?

If you answered yes to both, send an email to our address [email protected] with information about yourself and how you think you can help.