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Bitcoin can be sent with a tweet as Bottlepay Twitter app goes live

Users can send Bitcoin to and from their Twitter accounts following the launch of Bottlepay's disruptor payments app.

Bottlepay Launches Bitcoin Payment feature on Twitter

Bottlepay, the newest payment app, announced its send and received feature of Bitcoin via the Twitter platform. As a result, users of the app can now easily transfer cryptocurrency using social media.

Since Launch, Bottlepay has facilitated $2.3 million in lightning tran...

Bottlepay, an application facilitating Lightning Network transactions via social media, has found an appetite for seamless use of bitcoin.

UK Payments Firm Bottlepay Enables Bitcoin Payments

U.K.-based payments platform, Bottlepay, has enabled Bitcoin payments via social media app Twitter.

UK Payments Firm Bottlepay Enables Bitcoin Payments Via Twitter, Reddi...

The company said users would be able to directly send Bitcoin to others on the platform by linking their Bottlepay and Twitter accounts.

Bottlepay Brings Real-Time Bitcoin Payments to Twitter

U.K.-based payments platform Bottlepay, which allows users to send bitcoin via Twitter, has announced its full launch after leaving beta mode.

Bottlepay intros bitcoin transfer by tweet

Digital payments company Bottlepay has introduced a feature that allows users to send and receive bitcoin and traditional currency via Twitter

Bottlepay Launches Bitcoin Social Media Payments

The Bottlepay payments app went live with its social media bitcoin payments feature. Users can now easily send satoshis over Twitter.

Send Bitcoin with a tweet! Bottlepay does £1.7m in first month

A new digital payments app, the first to enable users to send Bitcoin via a tweet, hopes to bring small-scale crypto transactions into the mainstream after racking up £1.7 million of transactions in its first month.

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Bottlepay Brings Real-Time Bitcoin Payments to Twitter

Bottlepay users can tweet bitcoin and fiat currency to other users instantly, the firm says.


Bottlepay Launches Bitcoin Twitter Payments, Reddit, Instagram Come Ne...

Recently-launched payments app Bottlepay has revealed its new feature that enables users to send and receive bitcoin (BTC) via Twitter.

#TradeTalks: The rise of crypto payments and how it’s disrupting tradi...

Bottlepay Founder Pete Cheyne joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq #TradeTalks​ to discuss the rise of crypto payments and how it’s disrupting traditional banking.



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